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Accredited specialists in new development site installation.

Our experience is underpinned by over 20 years’ delivering professional commercial water network services.

At Self-Lay Services, we work hard to ensure that, with a front-line of highly skilled workers and experienced staff, we will be on site to complete jobs safely, quickly and effectively.

We have dedicated teams of Engineers, Consultants and Utility Associates, and have an extensive knowledge base of the utilities industry with which we work to provide the best possible service.

We provide emergency call outs & responsive repairs, with highly experienced workforce embracing a “can-do” attitude that is built on strong family values inherent within Self-Lay Services.

Self-Lay are a privately owned company based in Hertfordshire & Essex. Our teams are fully qualified installation teams and engineers whose sole aim is to deliver projects within time and within budget to the highest of standards.

We can provide bespoke gas/water installations through Design, Installation and Network Connection leading to the final Meter Installation which upon completion is adopted by the local Network or IGT.


We have a highly experienced workforce that embraces a “can-do” attitude that is built on strong family values inherent within Self-Lay Services.

Water: what do we do?

  • Full package of works, Construction, lay, testing and commissioning
  • Connection of service pipes, installation of water meters
  • Liaising with water company through the project
  • Large diameter water main diversions
  • Service pipe diversions
  • Line stops
  • Connections to water company assets
  • Private water network repair and maintenance
  • Leak detection
  • Private Fire Hydrant testing, maintenance, and replacements

Gas: what do we do?

  • Full construction package including design, construction and connecting to the gas network.
  • Installation of domestic and commercial meters.
  • Removal of all size meters.
  • Domestic and commercial gas service installations/disconnections.
  • Connections to gas networks, both major GT’s and IGT’s.
  • Downstream pipework installations from gas meter.
  • On-site Mains and service diversions.
  • Under pressure drillings.
  • Flow-stop operations.
  • Steel pipework welded and screwed.
  • Private gas network repair & maintenance.
  • Gas riser surveys.
  • FID/FIM surveys.

Customers: who do we work with?

  • Housing Developers
  • Utility Contractors
  • Energy Suppliers
  • Householders
  • Demolition Contractors (De-commission certificates supplied)
  • SME’S
  • Local authorities