Self-Lay Services


Self-Lay services are delighted to announce our accreditation to the Water Industry Registration Scheme.

Self-Lay Services is currently emerging as one of the high flying and leading competitors in the water industry and is entering an exciting period of growth and development. We aim to provide the best project management and consultancy to deliver a unique personal service in the utilities industry.

We are specialists in New Development Site Installation which is the core of our business.

At Self-Lay Services, we work hard to ensure that, with a front-line of highly skilled workers and experienced staff, we will be on site to complete jobs safely, quickly and effectively.

You will benefit by dealing with one single contact, a dedicated Project Manager that will be assigned to your project for the duration of the works and a dedicated backroom team to ensure that your project is kept on schedule and completed as planned.

Whilst we are continuing to advance in our expertise of water installation, we are aiming to develop our services to make certain that we continue to surpass our customers’ expectations.

Any mains and services laid which are due to be adopted by the Water Authority must be laid by an accredited Self Lay Provider – Self-Lay Services Ltd.

Self-Lay Services offer turn-key turn around, from making the initial application to the Water Company to laying and commissioning the new main, making the final service connections.

Why use Self-Lay Services?

Self-Lay Services Ltd could be able to offer cost-effective terms and fit in better with your construction programme. We may also offer the installation of multiple utilities.

What matters to you?

Self-Lay Services can potentially complete your water connections:

  • with greater flexibility to coordinate with your construction program
  • providing you with a single point of contact on a more personal level
  • in a more responsive and cost-effective way

Self-Lay Services is committed to quality

Self-Lay Services is accredited to the Water Industry Regulation Scheme, administered by Lloyd's Register on behalf of the water industry in England and Wales.

This means we:

  • have demonstrated we can carry out the water connection work to the same technical, quality and safety standards.
  • give you the same end result as if the water authority completed the whole job, as they adopt the new mains and/or connections afterwards.
  • are subject to regular reviews and site visits by Lloyd's Register to check the ongoing quality of their work.

The Self-Lay process

The process for using self-lay is laid out in the stages below. Self-Lay Services Ltd can project manage the process.

1. Advanced enquiry stage

The developer OR Self-Lay Services Ltd contacts the water company to confirm the feasibility of supplying the proposed development and provides the information necessary for the water company to do a technical evaluation. The water company confirms its ability to supply and specifies the point of connection and validity period of the information.

2. Application stage

The developr or Self-Lay Services makes a full application by submitting all the required information, together with a completed application form to the water company.

3. Design stage

The developer of Self-Lay Services either submits the design of the water network to the water company for vetting, or the developer or Self-Lay Services requests that the water company designs the water network. The water company sends details of the non-contestable charges, security and legal agreement to the developer and Self-Lay Services.

4. Self-Lay notification

Following the pre-start meeting, return of signed legal agreement and payment of relevant charges Self-Lay Services submits the notification to start the lay mains to the water company.

5. Mains-laying installation

Self-Lay Services constructs new water mains, notifying the water company of any changes and of the intended testing and disinfection dates. The water company audits and inspects construction and may witness testing of the new main.

6. Mains-laying completion

Self-Lay Services completes main laying to the required specification and rectifies any defects identified during the inspection and audit. Self-Lay Services provides the water company with the 'as laid' drawings and test certificate. The maintenance period starts from the date of commissioning.

7. Service connection notification

Self-Lay Services submits notification to lay services in accordance with the water company's self-lay arrangements. The notification is only issued after Self-Lay Services confirms that the private pipework has been checked or self-certified as meeting the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations i.e., WIAPS, Taps5, etc.

8. Service connection installation

Self-Lay Services makes the service connections in accordance with the previously issued notification, and either fits water meters or requests that the water company fits meters. Self-Lay Services then provides fill details for each connection, including the postal address, and meter details (if fitted) to the water company.

9. Protection of installed apparatus

The developer makes sure that all installed apparatus is protected against damage until the development is completed and roads or footpaths are fully constructed.

Click here for more information about the Water Industry Registration Scheme.